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Midnight Bonnet Set

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Cotton, Satin, Elastic


🌴 bonnet 🌴

- Silk lined
- Comfortable and secure elastic band to make sure bonnet stay out all night
- Suitable for short and long hair

Ankara silk lined bonnets are handmade with the highest quality ankara and ‘silk’ fabric. Keeping you stylish and put together while in bed and looking fly during those bad hair days.

Our bonnets are made with the most vibrant Ankara prints accompanied with silk lining and sealed with a comfortable elasticated headband. Whether you have a pixie cut or 30 inches of dreadlocks our bonnets are for you.

Our silk lined bonnets reduces frizz, cuts down on split ends, maintains moisture and minimises hair tangling.

Care instructions
- Hand wash only
- Do not tumble dry
- Iron on low heat.