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Flower Bomb Face Cover (Family 3-Pack)


These Face Covering are handmade with 100% cotton fabric, they're washable, reversible.

When you purchase the 'Family 3-Pack', you save 10% off the normal price.

There are 2 different packs to choose from:

  1. MEN, WOMEN, & KIDS (7-12) or
  2. MEN, WOMEN, & LITTLE ONE (3-6)

Each pack includes 3 face covers.

While handmade fabric face covering are NOT a substitution for N95 masks, they are better protection than no protection. The homemade face masks will not prevent against catching a respiratory illness but they can help reduce the spread of large particles when someone sneezes or coughs.

** Please note the face will look different from the picture base on the area of fabric that is cut for your mask.**
For custom orders please email

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