Meet The Designer


Birthed in the tropical sun of Georgetown, Guyana, an energetic Candace Cort spent her early years modeling, acting, climbing trees and “mining” chickens. At 12 years old, she immigrated to the United States residing in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Brooklyn, New York before calling New Jersey home.

By her late teens, Candace began exploring her longtime interest in fashion through work as a fashion stylist. Soon after she opened her own fashion boutique in the basement of her apartment.  Staying true to her creative savvy she named the boutique “Noihsaf”, which is “fashion” spelled backward.

Noihsaf was the catalyst to more adventurous business ventures including Noihsaf Naturals, one of the first clothing lines to celebrate the natural hair community back in 2009.  Within a year, Noihsaf Naturals was featured at local stores in New Jersey. These experiences have influenced her decision to traverse various fashion mediums and begin innovating custom wear by hand.

Candace Cort designs are bold, colorful, and distinctive creations that are made with functionality as a priority allowing women to convert pieces into new looks that you can post to the gram more than twice.  In the words of IG influencer @Chrismiss_, “Repeat outfits, not mistakes.”

Since the first sketches of her own prom dress to a self-taught fashion entrepreneur, Candace strives to honor the beauty of diverse women.